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DayaBEASTS4: Happy Holidays 2all beasties!! :ninja-turtle: :group hug: :ninja-turtle: Dec 23, 2016 11:58:27 GMT -5
DayaBEASTS4: Happy New Year! 2017 :yay: :yay: 8D :dancing2: :beauty: Dec 30, 2016 21:57:00 GMT -5 *
Catherine Chandler: Happy new year, Daya! :) Jan 4, 2017 1:48:45 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: Happy New Year all! It is 2017, exactly 30 YEARS since the original BATB came on the air!!! Need BATB (original and 2012 series) rewatches STAT!! Jan 10, 2017 14:06:07 GMT -5
rozi: Jan 11, 2017 0:26:37 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: Food for Beastie Thought and Consumption---At what moment did you KNOW that VINCAT were meant to be? Was it a particular line or scene? Did they fall for one another at the same time? WAS it fate or choice? Jan 19, 2017 17:33:28 GMT -5
BeastieBoy: As soon as Cat said "You're him" in the Pilot. Jan 22, 2017 2:38:47 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: Oh, but that MOMENT on Vincent's bed when he tends to her wounds. And then when he tells his story, and she touches his face JUST so sad and feeling his pain. The Pilot was just MADE for those special VinCat Moments! Jan 25, 2017 19:19:46 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: FELLOW BEASTIES, check SERIES REWATCH thread to confirm date and time to start the BATB REWATCH with the beloved "Pilot" episode!!! Whohoo! Sharing romantic VinCat journey with fellow Beasties again!! COME WATCH WITH US!! Jan 26, 2017 10:10:10 GMT -5
DayaBEASTS4: Happy New year dear! many blessing and happy moments to you and all forum :group hug: lil late but intention is what counts :thumbup: :P Feb 1, 2017 18:57:29 GMT -5
DayaBEASTS4: when the beast save her in the woods and looked at each other :beauty: Feb 1, 2017 19:02:05 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: I agree, Daya. It was Love at First Sight, even if neither of them realized it at the time. (And he was secretly following her and checking in on her all those years later. . . .AND saved that newspaper article that let him know who she was! Feb 8, 2017 18:02:33 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: Beasties, don't forget WEDNESDAY NIGHT BATB EPISODE REWATCHES!!! Experience the joy of revisiting VINCAT MOMENTS with fellow Beasties! Come watch with us! Feb 8, 2017 19:56:55 GMT -5
DayaBEASTS4: Where is the board ??? BATB EPISODE REWATCHES!!! :huh: Feb 21, 2017 20:54:56 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: HEY DAYABEASTS4!! Was wondering where you were at! We are doing the episode rewatches under the "Series Rewatch" thread. Just so it is easy to find. However, if others want, we could open a New Thread each week under the episode title. LET ME KNOW! Feb 22, 2017 21:05:11 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: Would LOVE to have more Beasties involved in the rewatches. You really DO get so much more out of the episodes when knowing where the series is going to go. There is SO MUCH I MISSED in 2012 when it first came on! Feb 22, 2017 21:06:26 GMT -5
Catherine Chandler: Hello everyone, would you please just use this link to reach the site from now on: Thank you! Apr 30, 2017 13:53:01 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: Hey, DVD box set of the series being released!! Anyone know what is specifically contained in the box set as far as extras??? May 3, 2017 16:44:31 GMT -5
AlisongladaboutSeason4: I'm sorry to say that the complete lack of info about the special features on the Complete Series Box set leads me to believe that there will be NO new content, just a repeat of the special features on the individual series box sets. Hope I'm wrong though! May 25, 2017 15:09:33 GMT -5
Mei: Millions of thanks, you are fantastic !! If I have seen and read things from her, it was in case you had interviews that I had not read like Rolling Stone.Videos yes I saw hundreds, but I like to read them
. Thanks, thanks!! Happy Thrusday!!! Mwahss!!
Aug 24, 2017 8:15:34 GMT -5